Spider and Varicose Veins

spider and varicose veinsLooking For Varicose Vein or Spider Vein Treatment in NYC? Sutton Place Laser Vein Care sets the standard as the premier New York City destination for wellness and beauty.


Credentials Matter!

Dr. Mueller has the highest credentials possible to treat you safely and effectively. He has an international reputation within the Vein Professional Community and presented original research both in medical journals and at international Vein Conferences. Our in-office, non-surgical procedures minimize discomfort and reduce or entirely remove unsightly veins…often in a single procedure. We combine knowledge, experience, and technology to deliver top-tier care in a comfortable, soothing, and elegant environment. Conveniently located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at 401 East 55th Street (Northeast corner of 1st Avenue), we are easily accessible by car, subway, or any alternate public transportation.

Dr. Richard L. Mueller is the driving force behind the Sutton Place Laser Vein Care team and shares his expertise, world-wide vein contacts, and two decades of practice experience. He is personally involved in all aspects of each patient’s treatment…from initial consultation through the post, treatment follow-ups.

All treatment plans are individualized by Dr. Mueller – starting with an ultrasound leg vein exam. After personally reviewing the results, Dr. Mueller will explain your condition and provide all options available to you.

Dr. Mueller elected to fellowship of the American college of phlebology (FACPH), one of only approx. 50 such physicians in the world.

Sutton Place laser Vein Care is the first center in Manhattan to offer ClariVein® – an innovative new vein closure technology that is receiving rave reviews. Come see us and learn about this great vein therapy alternative! All our procedures are walked in/walk out procedures that get you back to work and/or family quickly. Virtually all of our vein patients can avoid surgery. While insurance usually covers vein management, patients with non-covered procedures will find our fees affordable. We also offer to finance. For the few insurances we do not participate in, many patients may have out-of-network benefits they can use to us.

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With Sutton Place Laser Vein Care your spider veins will look better and feel better.

Please note that patients often are not aware that they have symptoms related to vein disease, as they may not connect the symptoms to their veins, especially if they have no visible varicose or spider veins. The symptoms and physical findings of vein disease are surprisingly diverse (please see the Vein Treatments and Services page for more details), affect insurance coverage of vein treatments (please see the Insurance/Fees page for more details), and can be present just as frequently and just as severely even if no visible veins are present, so vein disease is often not only skin deep indeed!

Vein Treatments & Services in New York City, NY

At Sutton Place laser Vein Care we offer the following vein treatments and services: (see below for details):

  • Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA, EVLT®)
  • ClariVein® (mechano chemical endovenous ablation)
  • Sclerotherapy (chemical injections to close spider & varicose veins) (inc. liquid, foam, ultrasound guided)
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy (varicose vein removal)
  • Conservative Therapy / Compression Stockings / Medications
  • Diagnostics: Venous Doppler / Ultrasound

Our Vein Center in NYC offers an array of state-of-the-art, in-office vein treatments using up-to-the-moment equipment, expertise, & technology.

Please see this informative website for descriptions of various vein treatments as well as a listing of Dr. Mueller as a Diplomate Vein Specialist: phlebology.org. First of all, our state of the art vein treatment equipment and office:

Ultrasound rooms for diagnostic vein ultrasounds as well as for vein treatments (ultrasound machine with DVD recording output, laser on lower right, large 32 & 40 inch LCD TV monitors for superior imaging during procedures). The treatment table is a high-end motorized ’tilt table’ that allows for optimal patient positioning. There is a 32 inch LCD TV to monitor ultrasound vein images in high resolution during the procedure, and a 22 inch LCD TV with DVD player for patient relaxation during vein treatments. Also available is musical relaxation (wall mounted soundbar with Bluetooth iTunes / Internet radio.

Our Laser systems, by the innovators of endovenous laser (AngioDynamics®, Latham, NY)We use their newest laser, a state of the art 1470 nm wavelength device: Venacure 1470®. This improved laser has brought our patients minimal to no pain & bruising post procedure.We are one of the few centers offering the latest ‘Radial’ laser fibers, which projects laser light energy in a 360-degree pattern from the side of the fiber tip (rather than out the end) – this is thought to further enhance patient comfort. Our local anesthetic pump, by the innovator of local anesthesia for vein ablation HK Surgical®, San Clemente, CA. ClariVein® catheter/motor drive unit (by Vascular Insights LLC®, Madison, CT), an innovative new vein ablation technique that employs MechanOChemical Ablation (MOCA®), combining mechanical abrasion of the vein wall lining by a rotating wire + infusion of sclerosant chemical into the vein.Our advanced Syris Scientific, LLC v600 Visualization System® (Gray, ME), which employs cross polarizing optical filters, magnification, & powerful illumination, used with Sclerotherapy & Transdermal / External Laser procedures. Side Effects/Complications:

No treatment in medicine is free of side effects or complications. The same is true for all vein treatments, though they are considered safe and effective by insurance companies, the FDA, and the medical community. Please see our consent forms & HIPAA privacy notice for the various procedures; side effects include but are not limited to those listed on our forms

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