Dr. Mueller:

New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Campus
Lenox Hill Hospital
(for both – affiliated as an adjunct faculty member, but Dr. Mueller does not admit to or follow patients in the hospital; his patients are cared for by hospital full time physicians / hospitalist physicians)
St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Medical Center (similarly, Dr. Mueller uses the hospitalists to care for his patients)

Dr. Mack:

St. John’s Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, NY
even though not formally affiliated / on staff, Dr. Mack refers his patients requiring inpatient care to both Lenox Hill Hospital & New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Campus, where they are cared for by hospitalist physicians

Hospitalists are physicians specialized in delivering top quality inpatient care. They care for our patients while they are hospitalized, are present on site at the hospital for the workday, and communicate extensively with our physicians about the condition and status of our patients. After discharge, our patients return to our outpatient care and follow up with us.

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