Diagnosing Your Veins Prior To Treatment

Diagnosing Your Veins Prior To TreatmentAt Sutton Place Laser Vein Care we know that no two vein situations are the same, and because of this, we know that individual approaches must be taken to ensure each patient gets not only the treatment they need, but the treatment they want. Caring for varicose or spider veins shouldn’t be a harrowing or difficult experience, and our customized care makes sure each treatment we provide is the best for each individual situation. To provide individualized care, we need to take an individualized approach to vein diagnostics, and we do just that with our venous Doppler ultrasound!

During your consultation to assess your vein situation, the ultrasound will be performed in order to craft your next steps, and this diagnostics portion of the process is a highly important one. For those worried about pain, rest assured that this ultrasound process is painless and completely non-invasive, and what it does is allows our professionals to see an inner roadmap of just what your veins may be holding away from the naked eye. The ultrasound can pick out both deep veins and superficial veins to create a full map of problem veins that may require treatment, as well as healthy veins within the leg.

If radiation is a matter of concern, rest assured that our diagnostics process using our venous Doppler ultrasound uses no radiation whatsoever. This diagnostics process is not an X-ray of any sort, and what actually happens is much simpler and easier on your body. The primary tool being used is actually a microphone, and this microphone uses harmless and painless sound waves to travel through your body’s tissues and back to the machine, allowing a complete map of your veins to be formed. Sound waves pose no harm or threat to tissues or veins, and we can get an accurate picture of your vein situation without risking your body any harm whatsoever.

We at Sutton Place Laser Vein Care want to help you to treat all of the problem veins that may be plaguing you and stopping you from having smoother legs, and we couldn’t do that to our high standard without our diagnostic venous Doppler ultrasound. As part of the consultation process, this ultrasound will allow us to learn more about your veins and what treatment may be best for you, and this is a process that poses nothing to fear. To learn more about our diagnostics process, or to set up a consultation for yourself, simply call us at Sutton Place today.

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