Varicose Veins Don’t Need To Ruin Your Recreational Plans

Varicose Veins Don’t Need To Ruin Your Recreational PlansAt Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, we do find that clients begin to think even more about their appearance as warmer weather arrives. In many cases, shorter hemlines, summer recreation plans, and the desire to take full advantage of the extra sunshine also means that blemishes which may have been hidden are suddenly on display.

One of the biggest reasons that clients do make the choice to have varicose veins professionally addressed is due to how these protrusions impact appearance. Even cosmetic applications such as cover-ups and other masking attempts will not always result in the illusion of smoother legs. This is due to the fact that more pronounced varicose veins can change the contours of the skin, along with the evidence of a below the dermis discoloration.


Facing The Facts

A concern that many clients with severely protruding varicose veins will voice is in regards to the extent of work that may be involved in attaining smoother legs. The thick and ropey appearance that is common to veins in these cases is the result of distention that is coming from larger veins that are also deeper in the body. As a result, many clients think that extensive operations will be required to relieve the problem.

It can be important for Tri-State residents who want smoother legs to realize that minimally and non-invasive methods for relieving deep vein varicosities are quite prevalent. In many cases, endovenous laser ablation (EVLA), is an ideal way of correcting the damage to the veins without the need for surgery. The process uses a small laser fiber that cauterizes the inner walls of the varicose vein, to both correct the damage and result in the appearance of smoother legs.

The truth is that clients don’t always realize that there can be an easy and effective solution to reducing the impact of severe varicose veins. However, Tri-State area residents are encouraged to contact us, and let the skilled staff at Sutton Place Laser Vein Care fully evaluate the individual condition. This also lets us find a means of helping clients achieve smoother legs in a manner that fits with lifestyle routines and future recreational plans for the summer.

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