Avoiding The Number One Tell

Avoiding The Number One TellMost people will go through a number of trends and beauty rituals in order to preserve the appearance of youth. Many of these treatments are focused on facial texture, fine line wrinkles, and even body tone, but one of the most overlooked tell-tale sign of a person’s age is actually in their hands. This is not only because hands receive so much environmental exposure and general use, but also because they have some of the thinner skin on the body.

As a result, vein protrusion, discolorations, and varicosities can begin to show through at an earlier age, and even if your face is seamlessly gorgeous, your hands can actually give away your true age. This issue can also be apparent in younger individuals, and may be a result of daily lifestyle tasks, such as typing, working out, and even basic chores. There is really no way to avoid this eventuality of aged hands, but at Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, we can offer our clients a way of reducing the impact.


Activity Can Be Key

What many of our clients come to realize is that the prominence of varicosities on the hands is really a natural physical function. Although the thinness of the skin can make veins appear more prominent, the amount of exertion that hands produce is also a major factor. Veins help to supply surrounding muscle tissue with a conduit for circulation, and as more oxygen exchange is necessary through exertion, thus, veins will become more worked.

The biggest reason for the protrusion is that the elasticity of the vein is compromised. This happens through general use, since as the vein expands to let more blood flow, it is also receiving more of a workout that can affect the tensile retraction of the vein walls. While the outcome of varicosities is not a desired one, it is rarely harmful and can also be attended to.


Focus On Extremities

This type of vein prominence can also frequently be seen on the feet, and may be especially noticeable with dancers, athletes, and others who spend lot of time upright and moving around. However, rectifying these visual blemishes is a large service that Sutton Laser Vein Care offers to clients. The focus of minimizing protrusion and discoloration on the hands and feet is a fairly common procedure, although there are several approaches that can be used, depending on the severity of appearance.

Most of our clients will contact us for a basic consultation, so that we may assess the issue and offer options for relief. This also allows us to educate clients as to the differences in approach and create a space where knowledgeable decisions are made in moving forward. Instead of spending time on beauty treatments, but letting your hands give away your age, you can explore the possibilities of fully looking, and thus feeling, as young as you want to be.

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