Beautiful Legs At Any Age

People spend an enormous amount of time ensuring that their body looks healthy and fit, and this practice is one that can be part of a lifetime routine. The results are not only that individual’s feel better about themselves because they take pride in their appearance, but also that there is greater confidence that is conveyed in any situation. Perception plays a large part in how people will carry themselves, and this applies to both overt and hidden physical aspects.

Beautiful Legs At Any AgeAlthough they may not always be seen, varicose veins especially on the legs can impact this self perception. For women and men, wearing slacks can feel like a solution, but the knowledge that these veins are still a part of the full physical portrayal can certainly impact self-esteem. Hiding these issues is only a temporary fix, and can still have a psychological effect.

Another concept that many people will look at with varicose veins, is that they feel it is a sign of ageing. This can also cause a change in mood, although varicosities can occur at any time in life, depending on various factors in lifestyle and daily routines. Ultimately, addressing the concern can not only lead to a more perfect perception of the physical state, but can also change feelings that are also reflected through everyday actions.


Finding Answers

At Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, many of our clients have initially come in to discuss options rather than to fully take action. However, over the course of a consultation, we are often able to come up with amenable procedures that are either non-invasive or minimally invasive and can still fit in to desired outcomes and return to quality of life.

One of our innovative solutions for leg varicosities is the ClariVein procedure, which makes a small insertion for laser vein ablation. The result is that it not only helps reduce protrusions and discoloration, but that it also allows our clients to resume their normal lifestyle with ease. This type of procedure is an out-patient technique that can still have impactful results.

In the end, clients find that even if they are not showing off their legs by showing skin, the changes that have resulted do enhance their perception of self. This not only improves confidence, but also opens doors emotionally, to let self esteem really soar.

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