Don’t Let Spider Veins Keep You Indoors This Summer

Don’t Let Spider Veins Keep You Indoors This SummerSpider veins can seem like an insidious attempt that a person’s body is making to reduce feelings of self esteem and confidence. Although this is not the real cause of spider veins, at Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, we often find that clients can experience these feelings and will try a number of cosmetic methods for reducing visibility.

Spider veins are really just broken or flaccid capillaries that allow the blood to pool in the areas where this damage has occurred. Although everything from posture, genetics, and lifestyle choices can impact the appearance of spider veins, the truth is that these do happen both frequently and naturally.

Addressing Spider Veins

Since spider veins do not protrude under the skin in the same way that varicose veins will, many patients will simply try to cover over the discolorations with a cosmetic concealer. Although this can be temporary fix for the visual impact of spider veins, this can also become a problematic practice in the summer months. Sweat and hot weather can not only cause the make-up to run and smudge on to clothing, but can also reveal the spider veins hiding underneath.

For this reason alone, it can be important for Tri-state area residents to find a more permanent solution to the issue. Advances in laser vein treatments have made great strides in reducing the time for a treatment session as well as the recovery time that is needed after the procedure. This can result in it becoming far simpler to reduce the appearance of spider veins in a more permanent manner, rather than simply disguising the problem.


Spider Vein Treatments

At Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, we use a number of treatments to address both spider veins and varicosities. Sclerotherapy is an injection procedure that also has a short recovery time, while diagnostic ultrasounds can uncover spider veins that are just beginning to form. By contacting us, patients can set up a consultation to go over treatments and options, for the best solution to reducing spider veins, and increasing summer fun.

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