Effective Treatments For Long Term Solutions

Effective Treatments For Long Term SolutionsMany people who experience varicose veins will often put off seeking any kind of intervention for this issue. While a number of factors can come into play for this decision, some of the more common ones that we have heard at Sutton Place Laser Vein Care include:

  • More varicose veins will just appear
  • The treatment won’t last
  • The procedure will include too much downtime
  • It will take too long to heal

These suppositions are not entirely true, and with newer techniques that more effectively address the problem of varicose veins, the decision to have treatment can become an easier one.


Looking At All Aspects

At Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, one of the most impressive treatments that we use for varicose veins is ClariVein. This is still a minimally invasive procedure that only involves a small incision to the skin and a short heal time. The innovation of this technique is that it combines two manners of closing the vein for a better longevity of the procedure.

In many ways, the ClariVein intervention addresses all the reasons that people use to dissuade themselves from taking action for their varicose veins. This technique can be performed in as little as 15 minutes in the office, and the combination of methods that are utilized generates a more lasting result. Further, contending with existing varicose veins can reduce the appearance of more protrusions along the same vessel, since correcting the issue helps the circulatory system to function more effectively.

Putting off corrective measures for varicose veins is not a solution. However, scheduling a consultation with Sutton Place Laser Vein Care can help to educate clients about the many options that they have for reducing the appearance and prominence of their varicose veins. This can lead to an immediate improvement in appearance, and long term results that will produce a better quality of life.

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