Getting Back To Living Fully

Getting Back To Living FullyWhile some instances of varicose veins can be a part of a larger wellness issue, most people who have varicosities are otherwise very healthy. The appearance of these protrusions on the legs, hands, and extremities is really just an aspect of the body’s physiology at work.

In order to accommodate the flow of blood to and from the heart, the vessels of the circulatory system are highly elastic. This allows for expansion during exercise and warm weather, and contraction during relaxation and cooler temperatures. All of this is really a part of being healthy, and while the vessels have a lot of flexibility, they can become worn out.

This is even more apparent in the veins of the extremities, because the valves in these vessels need to work harder against gravity while returning the blood to the heart. As a result, when the valves begin to fail, the blood will begin to pool in these areas. The elasticity of the vessels lets them expand to accommodate this possibility, but it can also lead to the protrusion that most people associate with varicose veins.


Addressing The Issue From The Inside

While most cases of varicose veins are a cosmetic concern, it can still impact overall wellbeing. This is usually because the appearance of varicose veins can deeply affect self image, and can even cause people to limit themselves in the activities that they engage in. At Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, we have seen many clients who have shied away from swimming or tennis because they were embarrassed about the appearance of their varicose veins on their legs.

This changes the issue from a cosmetic one to one that impacts quality of life and complete wellness. To further influence these factors, many people with varicose veins may simply ignore them and cover them up, which can allow the stretching of the vessels and the failure of the valves to build up.

As a result, varicose veins will often need to be removed in order to be corrective to the appearance of the skin. At Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, one of the tried and tested procedures that we use is ambulatory phlebectomy. Although this is a surgical technique, it can be done with a minute incision, which means that there is very little downtime for our clients.

Ambulatory phlebectomy can be ideal when the varicose veins are especially prominent, or when varicosities are contributing to the appearance of other blood vessel issues. The result is that while the appearance of the varicose veins is diminished through the removal of a portion of the vein, it can also help to improve circulation and reduce the speed with which new varicosities appear.


The Real Benefit

In truth, our patients often find that the biggest positive outcome is the fact that they feel comfortable to resume pastimes which bring joy and a sense of being alive. The need to bow out of activities for fear of showing varicose veins is removed, and clients can get back to living life to the fullest.

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