Removal Versus Repair

Removal Versus RepairAlthough many of the procedures for addressing varicose veins have become far less invasive, which also leads to a shortened heal time, some of these procedures can be very specific to the nature of the internal damage. In the past, ambulatory phlebectomy has been an ideal way to address the minimization of varicose veins.

Although other procedures are also an option at this point, some clients may still require this specific treatment in order to address the extent of venous breakdown. Although phlebectomy is technically a surgical procedure, the actual cutting is minimal and this leads to faster healing times. This is used if there are longer stretches of impacted veins that cannot be fully shrunk or tightened through other means.

In many ways, this procedure is a little like a face lift for the veins. The vessel is actually pulled up through the skin at the midpoint of where the most aggressive damage is presenting, and this is then shortened through a removal of the damaged section, to result in a tightened and more efficiently working vessel.

While many people may refer to the removal of varicose veins when they are truly referring to repair, phlebectomy is really the only actual procedure that is a removal of varicosities. Other procedures may remove the appearance of varicose and spider veins, but they are not actually taking away parts of the veins themselves.

Rejuvenating Repair

The majority of procedures that Sutton Place Laser Vein Care performs to show fast and effective results are actually internal repairs to the surfaces of the vessels. This can include sclerotherapy and venous ablation. While the mechanisms for creating the repairs within the veins may be slightly different, the overall function is still the same. Both of these procedures tighten the vein walls and pull the distended vessel inwards, to affect an appearance based and health based result.

Clients will be able to witness a reduction in discoloration and in the distention from a visual standpoint. Internally, the tightening o f these vessels can help to make circulation more efficient, as the narrowed vessel is more likely to promote proper venous return. Both the repair and the removal treatments have quick heal times and can be performed as outpatient procedures. Ablation and sclerotherapy can tend to be less impinging upon lifestyles, but the proper treatment will still be dictated by underlying causes and physiological function.

Evaluating Approaches

Clients can view the full line of treatments that we offer through our website, but we highly recommend that patients schedule an appointment to receive a full evaluation based on their physical needs. This can lead to efficient and effective treatments, which will also fit into individual lifestyle needs.

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