Showing Some Leg

Showing Some LegAs the summer season settles into place, most people turn their thoughts to relaxation and family time in the outdoors. For some individuals, this can be a day trip to Sandy Hook or Rockaway Beach. For others, it may be as simple as a walk through Central Park or a picnic lunch on the grass. However, all of these warm weather activities do have some aspects in common. The most prevalent is that whether you are in a bathing suit or a pair of shorts, you will probably be showing some leg.

People who have visible spider veins will often dread the summer months, since the weather and the atmosphere can make it difficult to hide these small imperfections that show through the skin. At Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, we have even heard of clients going so far as to wear foundation makeup or thick bronzers on their legs, in an effort to hide the spider veins. However, people do not need to feel apprehensive about a day at the beach, and there are solutions which can allow for full enjoyment and relaxation with a day in the sun.

A Simple Fix

Our treatments for spider veins are both quick and non-surgical. A simple injection helps to pull the walls of the veins back into formation, and this lessens the pooling of the blood that can cause the discoloration. This also draws the blood vessels from the surface of the skin, which also minimizes the appearance of spider veins.

Depending upon the extent to your spider veins and how long they have already been visible, effective results may be apparent after your first session. Continued therapy can be used for maintenance and to address the new spider veins that can develop, but this out-patient solution can allow people to enjoy the summer without self-consciousness. We encourage people to explore the solutions that we offer, and give themselves the gift of an enjoyable summer in the outdoors.

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