Spider Veins Are No Small Thing

Spider Veins Are No Small ThingThe occurrence of spider veins is fairly common among people of nearly any age. This is because the discolorations can be related to a number of factors which make their appearance more common. This may include:

  • Predisposition to circulatory issues
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle factors, including posture and exercise habits

Spider veins are essentially capillaries that have either lost elasticity, which causes blood to pool in areas below the epidermis, or they can be burst capillaries which also result in small accumulations of blood below the skin. Although spider veins will generally present as hairline discolorations on different areas of the body, they can appear more prominent in some people.

This may be related to:

  • Skin tone – better elasticity in the skin tissue can reduce the presentation of spider veins.
  • Skin coloration – individuals with very pale or thin skin may show spider vein discolorations more prominently, since the blemishes are more visible through the layer of tissue.
  • Area of the body – burst capillaries may present upon the face, which makes them especially noticeable, although some people may only see spider veins evidenced on the extremities and legs.
  • Dispersal of blemishes – although a burst capillary can lead to further spider veins on the same area of the body, this is not always the case. Some people may experience clusters of these discolorations, while others may have isolated areas where several spider veins are present.


The Consideration Of Impact

At Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, we often find that regardless of the cause or the presentation of the spider veins, our clients will view these discolorations as highly noticeable. One of the greater impacts that spider veins can have is on self esteem, since the presence of these blemishes can influence self-image, confidence, and even recreational choices. This makes it highly important to us to aid our clients in regaining their sense of freedom and self, without further concerns over the appearance of spider veins.

One effective treatment that shows positive benefits for the reduction of the appearance of spider veins is sclerotherapy. This process is an outpatient procedure which can have minimal recovery time, depending upon the extent of the area that is being treated. Injections are utilized to counteract the stretching of the veins, and this causes the pooling of blood in the area to be reduced.

While larger treatment areas can require the use of a compression sleeve during the recovery period, many of our patients are able to resume everyday routines within a day. However, for both larger and smaller injection areas, the results can still be impressive, with a noticeable change directly after the procedure and continued improvement over the course of repeat therapy.

This also makes sclerotherapy applicable for many clients with a variety of spider vein concerns. Whether you have minimal discoloration from spider veins, or larger areas on the body that are affected, contacting Sutton Place Laser Vain Care can give you viable solutions to regaining your quality of life and your confidence. A consultation with one of our professionals will offer in depth analysis of individual cases, in order to arrive at the best intervention for your lifestyle needs.

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