Stepping In To Better Looking Legs

Stepping In To Better Looking LegsOne of the common misconceptions that many people have is that spider veins appear with age. While it may be true that they are more prone to showing as people go through life, the truth is that spider veins can affect individuals of any age group.

Spider veins are really just small capillaries which have either burst, or can no longer effectively propel the blood through the circulatory system. When this happens, blood can pool in these areas, and that is what causes the discoloration which is visible through the surface layer of the skin.

One of the reasons that spider veins are often associated with age is because person’s veins will naturally begin to slow in function over time. However, there are still a number of other factors that can contribute to their appearance:

  • Exercise – Raising the heart rate means that more blood is pumping through the circulatory system. This change in pressure can cause capillaries to burst from the increase in use.
  • High blood pressure – At any age, changes in blood pressure can also lead to changes in the appearance of the veins.
  • Posture – Both sitting and standing can put a different workload on the circulatory system, especially if a person’s posture causes constriction in any one area. This can happen as much from having to stay standing through the workday, as it can from sitting with the legs crossed constantly.

While genetics and some health factors can also play into the appearance of spider veins at any point in life, people do not need to feel self-conscious about these blemishes. At Sutton Place Laser Vein Care, we can easily evaluate our clients, and look into the best options for ameliorating the situation.


Walking In, And Walking Out

One of the most common techniques that we can use on spider veins in the legs or other parts of the body is sclerotherapy. This treatment involves the use of an injection which will help to pull the capillaries back into tone, and will thus reduce the appearance of discoloration through the skin. The small injections can be done over the course of several sessions, in order to address all the trouble spots.

Although much of the beauty of this treatment is the way that our clients’ legs look after the procedure, another benefit is the fact that this is an outpatient intervention. Patients have no need to spend time in recovery, and much of the work can be performed in even just one visit. This makes addressing the blemishes a simple task that is also highly efficient and effective.

Instead of trying to cover up spider veins, with clothing or with make-up, our clients find that having these blemishes fully addresses offers greater confidence and a better self image. With a quick injection procedure, this change can be accomplished with just a visit to our Sutton Place Laser Vein Care facility.

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