Denise R., MA, EdM

Dr. Richard Mueller is one of the finest physicians in New York City. I have complex medical issues that have perplexed many specialists for over 15 years. Dr. Mueller is always thorough, respectful, methodical and compassionate. I have been to many other doctors who just gave up on my medical problems. Dr. Mueller is organized, has a very competent and respectful staff, has cable news and computers for use in his waiting room, and is able to perform many tests right his office, which saves patients time and expense. Dr. Mueller is a perfect combination of an obviously brilliant physician and an extremely caring person.

Having a physician who is thorough, scientific in his approach and who takes the necessary time to explain things and answer questions is enormously important for anyone with a complex illness. Sometimes there is await in the waiting room, but it is well worth it. Dr. Mueller’s physician colleagues are also as thorough and skilled as he is. Trust me, I’ve been to literally scores of not so great MD’s in NYC, and Dr. Mueller is without a doubt one of the best and one of the very very good ones. I hope I can find just as good MD’s where I am moving to !

I will miss you so much [patient relocating]. You’re an amazing doctor, and the world is lucky to have you.You know it’s my opinion that you’re one of the best MDs in the world. I hope I can find an MD as amazing and wonderful as you after I relocate from NYC.

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