Ron Bush, MD, FACS; Co-Director, International Vein Congress, Miami, Florida

I can recommend Dr. Richard Mueller in being well versed in the field of venous disease. Dr. Mueller is an active participant in our medical blog about venous disease and treatment. He has in-depth knowledge of both superficial and deep venous disease.

Dr. Mueller demonstrates by his daily participation in the blog that his knowledge of the pathophysiology of venous disease is excellent. He has board certifications in phlebology [vein disease], vascular medicine, and cardiology. Dr. Mueller also has considerable experience with ambulatory venous techniques such as phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, and thermal ablation [laser].

From my experience, as one of the leading educators in venous disease, Dr. Mueller has impressed me as having a superior understanding of the techniques and diagnosis of this rapidly emerging field of venous therapy.

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