Unweaving The Web

Unweaving The WebSpider veins tend to be the result of ruptured or distended capillaries that cause discolorations through the surface of the skin. Since the site of this type of damage is in the delicate network of finer blood vessels, the telltale spider webbing can appear to spread as blood pools more greatly in these spots. Part of the delicate nature of these appearances is also the thinness of the vessel walls, which can make amelioration a very exact process.

One of the best treatments for spider veins is sclerotherapy. This is a non-surgical repair process that does not risk any further damage to the delicate vessels and has the possibility to reduce the appearance of spider veins in as little as a single session. This treatment mode involves the injection of a tightening compound that will decrease the diameter of the vessel walls, and help to remediate the appearance of discoloration and even mild distention.

The Importance Of The Right Treatment

One of the aspects of sclerotherapy that makes it ideal for spider veins is that it does not require the insertion of an instrument into the delicate capillaries. While ablation can be ideal for many visible vein concerns, it does require that a fine laser filament is threaded through the veins. This is not always appropriate for these finer capillaries, or for vastly twisting networks.

The injection treatments can pinpoint sites where ruptures and widening of the vessels has occurred, and effectively decrease these expansions to promote spider vein reduction across an area. Further, Sutton Place Laser Vein Care can also use diagnostic tools to see where root cause for these ruptures may be originating from. This can help reduce the recurrence of spider veins in other places, and aid in minimizing follow up treatments.

While internal health is always a concern, appearances are also important when it comes to addressing spider veins. We take pride in not only offering clients our experience for their education, but also providing the safest practices to promote whole body wellness. Clients who contact us for a consultation find that they not only look better, but also end up feeling better after treatments, both physically and emotionally.

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