Varicose Vein Treatment With ELVA Is Quick And Easy

Varicose Vein Treatment With ELVA Is Quick And EasyYour veins are responsible for pumping the blood through your body. Ideally, the veins use the valves within them to open and close properly to keep blood flowing only in one direction. When this system malfunctions, the blood instead pools in the veins and you end up with bulging or broken veins known as varicose veins.

Not only are varicose veins very obvious, but they can also be very uncomfortable. The oversized and blood filled veins can create a tremendous sense of pressure in the legs. In addition, if you get a severe varicose vein that causes swelling in the tissues nearby, the vein can create an ulcer on the skin. Even worse, you can become far more prone to blood clots as well.

Fortunately, Sutton Place Laser Vein Care can help restore your youthful looking and varicose-free legs with several different procedures. We perform one of the latest types of vein treatments, called Endovenous Laser Ablation. This cutting edge procedure does not require any incisions or surgery, and so it is lower risk and offers a simpler recovery.

The ELVA uses the laser inside the vein to make the vein contract and thus, become markedly smaller. The best part is that it doesn’t require a large commitment of time or healing; this is an out-patient procedure that often takes less than an hour. We can offer you a mild sedative to help make the procedure more comfortable.

Most generally, we have our patients treat one varicose vein at a time to minimize the chances of side effects and discomfort. However, since we also truly reduce the veins, the success rate is very high and your activities are usually only restricted for a very short period of time.

For those patients in the New York City area, finding the means for a complicated and expensive varicose vein surgery is hard. With the ELVA, however, you don’t have to take time off work, can take yourself home after the procedure, and can live your life normally immediately.

This is an excellent method for those who wish for a speedy fix for their unsightly varicose veins or who simply don’t have the time to spare for complex surgery and a lengthy recovery. Our office can offer you a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for ELVA, and so you can discuss all of your varicose vein treatment options.

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